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Too often, consumers are asked to make compromises between style and performance where choosing one means sacrificing the other. But those who want it all need look no further than Solar Gard.

Solar Gard HP Smoke controls heat, glare and interior fading while bridging the gap between style and long-lasting performance. Its signature dual-ply construction combines the durable quality of aluminum with the more sophisticated look of charcoal.

Because HP Smoke is a quick-drying, long-lasting film, you will be road-ready sooner and enjoying your road travels longer. And with Silhouette’s increased UV and solar protection, you will feel secure behind the wheel while making your own personal statement of style.


• Hi Performance Dyed Construction – high performance coupled with a unique charcoal appearance
• Reduces Heat and Glare – provides a more comfortable driving experience
• Rejects Heat – provides a more comfortable driving experience
• Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays – protects skin and reduces fading of interior upholstery and trim
• CST™ scratch-resistant hardcoat – better durability, protection and durability
• Backed by Solar Gard Window Films' comprehensive manufacturer's warranty program


Superior color, superior performance and superior durability. That's what you get when selecting Solar Gard films. The Color stable series establishes just the right touch of looks and solar performance for many years of driving satisfaction.

With a “universal black” color shade that fits perfectly with just about any car window on the market, Color stable dual-ply construction (a durable Carbon NO Dyes) will keep things cool by cutting down heat, blocking unwanted glare, and protecting you and your car's interior by rejecting 99% of harmful UV rays where applicable. Plus, an improved base polyester film will anchor the film to the glass longer and increase optical clarity. We warranty NO FADEING

Solar Gard Color Stable is a quick-drying film meaning you will be on the road sooner while enjoying your great new look and comfortable ride longer.

Solar Gard Color Stable PRODUCT BENEFITS

• Great Color – universal black shade matches closely with factory tinted windows
• High Performance – hybrid metal/dye design rejects heat and reduces hazardous glare
• Durable Construction – long lasting dye technology
• Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays – protects skin and reduces fading of interior upholstery and trim
• CST™ scratch-resistant hardcoat – better durability, protection and clarity
• Backed by Solar Gard Window Films' comprehensive manufacturer's warranty program

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Ultar Performance Series

Manufactured with advanced nanotechnology, Solar Gard Ulta Performance is in a class of its own when it comes to maximizing your driving experience and comfort. Thanks to the advanced infrared heat blocking properties of  ultra Performance, you’ll enjoy significant reduction in the total solar heat energy coming through your windows in 6 different shades. In addition, Ultra Performance offers industry leading film clarity for unaltered visibility and safe driving.

And because ultra performance blocks over 99% of damaging and harmful ultraviolet light, you’re helping to protect your car’s beautiful interior from fading and yourself and passengers from premature skin aging. Ensure yourself a clear, Ultra Performance film that will last a lifetime – guaranteed!

Passengers and drivers of vehicles with Ultra Performance window film experience a level of interior comfort, lighting and safety like no other.

Features & Benefits


  • Unmatched combination of high heat rejection and high visible light transmission
  • Maintains factory glass appearance
  • Unprecedented Film Clarity
  • Industry-leading color stability
  • Satellite, GPS,TPM* & cellular friendly
  • Limited lifetime warranty

* Tire Pressure Monitor

Performance Results

Performance results were generated with LBNL Window 5.2 using 1/8” (3mm) clear glass and have been measured, calculated and reported in accordance with ASTM, ASHRAE and AIMCAL standards. Bekaert Specialty Films, LLC is a participating member of AIMCAL and the IWFA. Performance results are subject to variations within industry standards and should be used for comparative purposes only.